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In an effort to understand myself and my career choices better, I started learning about personality theory. I decided to see a professional to make sure I was on the right track. Ann saw the particular theory I was interested in and used it as a framework to help me while still pointing out its limitations. I really appreciated her healthy criticism of the theory - this helped me to trust her counsel.

Ann helped me gain much-needed peace and clarity regarding my career path. I am of course still figuring this out as many of us are but I definitely have a healthier perspective. Ann's sessions were a welcoming space where one feels at ease to share. She even allowed me to communicate my thoughts through pre-session notes which is much easier for those who struggle a little bit with verbal communication.

Finally, Ann doesn't sell a 'fix-me-up-quickly' package. Instead, she is actually interested in getting down to the real stuff and helping you help yourself in the long run.
Kyle Adams

I am highly recommending Ann as a career/life coach. Ann has various skills and talents to observe thoroughly and find the right tools to help her clients. She is a master in listening carefully. Furthermore, through her work, she is able to create a safe, positive, loving space but doesn't shy to confront you when necessary. Wishing everyone some time with Ann in life! 
Jelena Mitrovic

Ann was my first ‘port-of-call’ while navigating a particularly difficult career and life stage. I felt so comfortable engaging with her and after just one session I felt more supported and emotionally 'contained' than I had done for a long time - together with a much stronger resolve to take whatever steps were needed to work through this life/career stage more positively. I found Ann to be warm and caring, 100% authentic with a strong sense of integrity, and deeply intuitive while at the same time possessing a thorough knowledge base of the challenges I was experiencing in this particular career/ life stage. In her self-initiated follow-up with me (a gesture I valued immensely!) I was really touched by her insightful suggestions on additional practical strategies for me to consider including very useful reading material, video clips and contact details of some key individuals who I may find helpful in terms of potential networking avenues going forward. Based on my very constructive personal engagement with Ann I have, with full confidence, referred others to her and will continue doing so!
Karen Ortlepp

Ann has assisted our family in so many ways over the last few years. She carried out assessments and provided career counselling for both my children when they were in Grade 11. The results were fantastic. She listened attentively and taught them life skills to help them make the right decisions regarding tertiary education applications. Both children have since felt comfortable enough to consult Ann for advice regarding their studies and career challenges. Ann has also helped me through some career hurdles. She encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone. As a result I have gained so much experience and confidence. Although a consultation with Ann may be cut short by the clock, she always keeps in touch with simple email follow ups, often when least expected, or most needed. I often recommend Ann to colleagues and friends alike
Jenny White

Ann has insight, experience, expertise and most of all a huge heart! I would unequivocally recommend her (and have done more than a few times) to anyone struggling with either career change or work/life issues. I went to see her a few years ago in complete despair about my work life, thinking I needed a career change, but after working with Ann, I was able to see that there were things that were sitting beneath the 'issues with work' and, in fact, starting from a deeper, more fundamental level would shift my approach and the results of my work. In a short series of consultations, and some pointers later on to things that at the time seemed quite random, Ann has help shift my focus and expectations in a way that has meant I can carry on doing the work I love so much, photography, but with greater ease, peace of mind and equanimity. Ann has continued to follow up, offer suggestions, support and subtle direction long after our consultations have ended. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with her.
Nick Aldridge

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