12 Sep 2020

By Hetty Roessingh, University of Calgary11th September 2020


From The Conversation

Computers and phones have become the go-to note-taking method for many. But your brain benefits from an old-fashioned pen and paper.

This article originally appeared on The Conversa...

7 Mar 2019

A few months ago, I was asked to contribute to an article about over-achieving millennials, or as some would call them, unicorns.  It was an interesting topic and I felt it was worth exploring a little deeper:

The name ‘unicorn’ employer is given to members of staff who...

15 Jan 2019

Bananagram is a game of quick draw, taking unknown letters from a central pool and then making words as fast as you can, the victor being the first to use up all her/his letters. At this point, the champion shouts: “Bananas”, although during the game, when wordsmiths c...

11 Jan 2019

It was a lovely way to start my working year – chatting to graduate asset managers on the transition between university and work place! 

Garnering their energy was refreshing as they sat open eyed and cautious, possibly unsure of implementing their years of academic kno...

20 Nov 2018

The 5th of October is Teacher’s Day and I have been wanting to write since that time, about snippets of experiences at WHS and the wonderful teachers who taught me.

Being a mother to 2 school children and hearing about teachers from learners’ perspectives is interesting...

5 Sep 2018

My bed is a wondrous thing!

And yet this morning I am tossed by indecision – do I oblige the urgent pull of the day’s routine or recline, complacent and unravel dreams?

Today I stayed; and as I rolled over and looked through the window, I saw our beautiful Flame Tree.


16 Nov 2017

I love words.

I collect words;

… and bundles of words, phrases and quotes and sometimes, in the moment, because they are hitting the spot, I think that that they are written just for me!

My bookshelves are lined with dog-eared pages to mark something profound, or im...

2 Nov 2017

Empty Nest Syndrome is not a clinical diagnosis, but it is a sorely felt and uncomfortable phenomenon, the symptoms of which often go unnoticed or may not be acknowledged.
For independent young women and men, leaving home marks a natural rite of passage to a new life...

31 Oct 2017

Last week I took my daughter to our very thorough and competent physiotherapist.

She had had a particularly sporty week above the norm and was experiencing debilitating pain in her shins and calves.

After taking a thorough history to locate the exact area causing disco...

14 Sep 2017

I can be a good patient, although most often retiring to my sick bed is a bitter sweet acquiescence to the higher power of my body.  She chafes against the need to shift and reschedule, plan and re-order the business of daily routines, but never-the-less for this time,...

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