Ann Werner


Ann started her career with a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCT followed by corporate experience, working at the Standard Bank, the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Masterskill (a subsidiary of the Softline Group), and Achieve Global. 

During this time, she was involved in project management, banking, sales, training, research and development.  She was also actively involved in counselling, having completed the Life Line counselling, personal growth and development courses.

During her tenure at the bank, Ann was selected to take part in the AATP (Advanced Accelerated Training Programme) for graduates and while on this programme, she completed her CAIB (SA) (Certified Associate in Banking), achieving top marks in the country for a paper submitted on Human Resource management. 

Ann realised that she wanted to redirect her career path into developing others and maximising their potential in well suited careers and organisations.  

To actualise this, she embarked on the required study programme, completing her Honours and Masters degrees in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch. She achieved distinctions in Labour Economics, Occupational Psychology, Business Ethics, HIV / Aids interventions in the Workplace and IT Ergonomics. 

Ann passed her board exam with distinction and is a registered member of the Health Professional Council of South Africa as well as the Society of Industrial / Organisational Psychologists of South Africa.  (SIOPSA) 

She is a qualified Life Transition, Career and Business coach, a registered coach and member of Comensa, and is listed as a coaching psychologist through SIOPSA. 

Ann’s approach is individual, holistic and integrated with a strong commitment to co-working towards reaching that desired shift. She encourages clients to approach different perspectives with an open mind and to see their selves within a system, rather than as parts that have perhaps become a little misaligned. 

Fresh insights allow for deeper knowledge of themselves and help to trigger their forward movement into optimum capacity within their context and environment.   

Ann is married and has two teenage children. 

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