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Ann Werner is an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist, a career and life transition counsellor and coach.


She specialises in life transitions across various life and career phases and works with learners as well as those wishing to shift their careers in some way, especially during the quarter and midlife years.


Her approach is to empower the individual with a clearer idea of self, to assist in career choice and direction and she uses a holistic framework to integrate the whole (personality, ability, skills etc) with work- place needs in order to find the best aligned match.


Outcomes are often feeling assured in selecting the right course, matching self to career, managing conflict, getting unstuck, extraction from a toxic work environment; developing career plans for promotions or a salary hike, or strategizing an exit plan.


In addition, clients also focus on boundary management which thus enables a more disciplined approach to work, often with the resultant time and space for increased life balance.

Call or mail Ann for more information.  


​082 991 0755

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