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School Leavers



Career options have risen exponentially over the past decade and this trend is continuing at an ever increasing rate.  It is not long ago that the terms Big Data; Artificial Intelligence; IoT,  behaviour mapping, adaptability quotient surveys and many, more were new to the world.  Now these are often embedded practices in most large organisations, requiring the competencies and skills of the youth to keep them competitive. 

It is a reality that current school goers may neither know the name nor the full nature of the work that they will be doing years into the future ... just because of the pace of change in the nature of work and the abundance of diversity driven primarily by technological changes experienced globally. 


Thus it is vital to ensure that the education foundation laid down will carry school leavers both to the field of work that they are best suited and will also be robust enough to allow for successful career changes in the future as well. 

To this end, an in depth and holistic exploration of the self should accompany any career search.  It is by uncovering your abilities, strengths, talents, natural aptitude and your profound uniqueness, that you will be able to inch closer to optimal career determination and satisfaction.


This also includes working with the niggles, concerns, habits or other detractors that might otherwise cloud a good decision.

Psychometric assessments are often of value, and when indicated they can shed much light on general vocational direction.  However, the real value of these psychometric results is when they are fully integrated and interpreted with the knowledge of self and a greater awareness of the dynamic, expansive market-place. 


My approach focuses on bringing all these elements together (i.e. you - the individual, your repertoire of abilities, including dreams, aspirations and concerns), the empirical knowledge of psychometry and an understanding of the ever shifting, modern work place. 

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