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A survey conducted a couple of years ago categorized more than 160 000 different career choices, but I am sure that this didn’t include the more recent additions of big data analysist, drone traffic controller, cyber space identity specialist or a machine-learning expert for an AI start-up! In fact, it could be likely that some school goers currently will neither know the name nor the full nature of the work that they will be doing years into the future…

In such a rapidly changing environment (which is very different from the career world of yesteryear), it is all the more challenging to pinpoint a course or degree which you hope will sustain you throughout your working life. In truth, statistics suggest that workers change their careers between 4 and 6 times in their career, but this in no way means that the first step in decision making should be taken lightly.  Finding your ideal direction is essential for smoother transitions later in need.

To this end, an in depth and holistic exploration of the self should accompany any career search.  It is by uncovering your abilities, strengths, talents, natural aptitude and your profound uniqueness, that you will be able to inch closer to optimal career determination and satisfaction. This also includes working with the niggles, concerns, habits or other detractors that might otherwise cloud a good decision.

Using psychometric assessments are often of value, and when indicated they can shed much light on general vocational direction. However, the real value of these psychometric results is when they are fully integrated and freshly interpreted with the knowledge of self, and the dynamic, expansive market place.

My approach focuses on bringing all these elements together (i.e. you - the individual, your repertoire of abilities, (including dreams, aspirations and concerns), the empirical knowledge of psychometry and an understanding of the work place).

My work with you is thoroughly to explore all these factors of career selection so that you can find your niche and thrive in a world bursting with 21st century advancement, development and need.

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