Quarter-life Settling In or Moving Out


Often shifts happen during the 20's and 30's when students have donned their work clothes, spent a good few years working and have found that they no longer enjoy the work that they trained so hard to do. The dilemma is that they studied diligently to get to this point, but too many years stretch ahead to even consider continuing in the same vein until retirement, yet too much has been invested to make a change. 


"I have gone too far down the track to change direction now and the thought of studying again, let alone the cost, is untenable"!  

What many clients don't realise, is the variety of possibilities open to them without necessarily having to completely change their existing qualifications. 

In addition, most often these thoughts and experiences tend to coincide with important life shifts, such as marriage, starting a family, divorce, emigrating, buying a house, and sometimes the accompanying financial burden creates the need just to stick it out.


Hence a sense of ‘stuckness’ and or despondency can arise.  Seeking help to unravel things in order to open up to other possibilities in careers and personal lives can be something of a lifeline at this time.  

In this particular life transition, my clients appreciate the more structured sessions; separating out the various influences or aspects, realising what they can change and what they can't; and prioritizing essential actions. This empowers them to take that first step.  We look at all manner of possibilities, as well as implement the very necessary support required to make these important transitions. 

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