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Midlife Transition

Midlife transition takes many forms and especially so as it most often aligns with significant life shifts.


Perhaps, however, this time is thought as different from previous stages, as it often includes the realisation that things are slowing down, the children are moving out, the career has peaked and thoughts of ‘where to next’ rattle around, especially for those whose sense of self is defined by the work that they do. 


Certainly, it is a time when many get to the top of their game, they have specialised, moved into senior/ executive/ specialist management or leadership positions, or perhaps they have successfully conceived their own start up and navigated the rough seas of early entrepreneurship, reaping the success of their hard-won efforts.

Some find that its time to make a change, triggered often by the need that Life is rapidly moving on! Some, startled to find that they haven’t done what they had wanted to do, may fight against the natural passage of time, experiencing some dis-ease along the way.  


There are others who want time out – and wish to return the blessing received and hence spend their time as mentors or coaches in their industry ensuring the success of organisations through the learning and wisdom of another age.


For some, this midlife transition marks a shifted consciousness and a drawing into new energies, an increased spiritual awareness and the need to turn inwards; to develop an inner wisdom and to contribute to the world in a new way.

For parents there can be a new freedom in having an empty nest, without the rigours of school collections, extra-mural programmes, endless lunch boxes,

meetings and weekend sport. There is now time to do that work that has ‘always been put on hold’, or to take up hobbies, or focus more intensely your current career.

Midlifers often see me as they have come face to face with the fork in the road! 


However, that feeling of uncertainty can be shifted, when there is a realisation and acceptance that finding their new purpose or direction is based on the wisdom of their own experience and self- knowledge! 


Hence, while many clients are empowered by using these building blocks or stepping-stones in transitioning to the next stage-of-life journey, others feel confident enough to open up other perspectives and embark on a new journey altogether.

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