Midlife Transition 


Many people think it’s time to kick back and give back!  


Some of you want to re-focus and to push on because your work isn’t quite done.


Some of you find that it's time to make a change, triggered often by the need that Life is moving on rapidly and you still haven’t done what you want to do!

Some time travel is useful here: “What would you write to yourself as you are now, from your 80- year old being”? Interesting for sure!  What would you change? Time to move, time to create, time to reconnect?  

For some, this midlife transition marks a shifted consciousness and a drawing into new energies, an increased spiritual awareness and the need to turn inwards; to develop an inner wisdom and to contribute to the world in a new way.

Others could fight against the natural passage of time and experience dis-ease along the way.  The malaise however could be the arrival of new things, a re-awakening with the energy to sustain it. 

Many of my clients have found that learning how to tap into the wisdom of their experience and self- knowledge become the building blocks or stepping stones to this next stage-of-life journey. Strategising, goal setting, divergent exploration and time to think are cornerstones of managing this transition so that in these mature years, Life can be even richer and can provide new vigour and joie de vivre for the years to come.


© 2020 by Ann Werner

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