Ann Werner is an Industrial/Organisational Psychologist, Life, Career and Business coach who runs her own practice in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

She specialises in life transitions across various life and career phases including the oft felt turmoil of the quarter-lifer as well as the need for a shifting focus experienced by those entering midlife.


In addition, she works with those experiencing the solitude of the empty nest as well as those navigating the retirement years.  


As an industrial/organisational psychologist and business coach Ann works with organisations and privately to ensure that business and or personal goals are achieved, and forward movement and the necessary self-development is gained.

She is fully trained in psychometry having many years of experience and will use a range of psychometric assessments in her approach, should these prove useful and beneficial. 

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GAP year or study?

A survey conducted a couple of years ago categorized more than 160 000 different career choices, but I am sure that this didn’t include the more recent additions of big data analysist, drone traffic controller, cyber space identity specialist or a machine-learning expert for an AI start-up! 

Midlife Transition

Many people think it’s time to kick back and give back!  Some of you want to re-focus and to push on because your work isn’t quite done. Some of you find that it's time to make a change, triggered often by the need that Life is moving on rapidly and you still haven’t done what you want to do!

Career Counselling

My approach is to engage with you personally, to understand your intentions and to encourage and support you to achieve what you have set out to do. We work together to integrate the learnings, and as a changed mindset begins to form and regulate, I find that a renewed sense of self develops.

Quarter-life Settling In
or Moving Out

Often shifts happen during the 20's and 30's when students have donned their work clothes, spent a good few years working and have found that they no longer enjoy the work that they trained so hard to do. The dilemma is that they studied diligently to get to this point


For many, retirement creeps up as a splendid cessation of years of hard work.  No more 9 – 5 or (7-7) and days stretching ahead to be filled in any way one’s heart desires. Travel, fun in the sun, reading by the fire.

For some though, things are very different.


Empty nest Management

For years, parents have been absorbed by their childrens’ needs, schooling and commitments and almost overnight the nest empties, with some parents feeling without purpose, restless and lonely.

While some parents relish the thought of freedom and reduced responsibility, many are saddened by the separation