Although I never realised it at the time, my sessions with Ann were truly life changing. Ann helped me to clearly see what I already knew, but was not able to comprehend for myself. It is all about mindset and attitude. Through the coaching sessions Ann taught me to take a different perspective and view opportunities and interactions for what they really are and then to take hold of opportunities when they arise.  

Ann helped me to articulate certain goals I was aiming for and I am now well on my way to achieving many of them.
Jenna Bloch

​​"Thank you for all your help. It is wonderful to see my daughter more relaxed and sure of herself. I think your words and the assessment of her made a big difference in her life. You gave her direction and hope and peace of mind. This is so important for her – especially with the workload and all the exams looming. She has new fire and interest in her schoolwork and studies. Most of all, your assessment gave her confidence in herself. As you know...with confidence you can go a long way."
Magda Johnson

​"Thank you very much for the session. It was very informative and helpful and I feel a lot more optimistic and confident. I also feel like I have more direction as to where I should start looking now. Thanks very much for your time and effort"
Neil Botha

​I contacted Ann to help me get a better idea of my career possibilities. I would totally recommend her to assist others in finding and/or better managing their career choices. I'm personally a lot happier than I was, given that career choices and lifestyle have a deep impact on everyday life, and it's so important to work towards something that truly interests you, and meets both practical and personal concerns. I recommend her services and her input.  It's a worthy investment and I would do it all over again. Thank you!
Micaela Cavallo

​"I am so glad I invested in these sessions - it has been a very enlightening process for me and has helped for me to gain clarity on my career and the challenges I was faced with. I really feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks once again - you are definitely doing what you were born to do"!
Carol Simpson

“I arrived on your doorstep feeling very alone with my daughter’s struggles at university.  Not only did you allay all our fears that she may have taken on the wrong course but you also took on the ‘establishment’ and presented them with such a compelling and soundly researched document, which in turn will go on to help many more students.  A simple thank you seems to pale against all the support and dedication you afforded us but thank you so very much never the less.”
Terry Stobart

“It is not easy to change direction after so many years in a specific working environment, but through your research and care, Ann, I feel supported and energised. Thank you for all your time and effort in preparing for our meeting; for researching and contacting relevant people and organisations; and for giving me the confidence to spring-board my dreams into action."
Pauline Garlick

​​​​“Thank you for being such an extremely helpful resource to my clients who either do not know what they want to do with their lives, or are unhappy in their work. I also so appreciate too, your willingness to help me out with a relative needing some career assistance in another city.  You are an invaluable resource to guidance and career guidance!”
Dr Sandy Hoffman  (Counseling psychologist)

"Ann's coaching was instrumental in helping me to manage the daunting transition to an industry that I had never worked in before. Ann helped me to create a road map with practical and achievable steps that helped to build my confidence and take me to where I wanted to be. I was able to land a fantastic position in the industry that I wanted to move into. I cannot recommend Ann`s services highly enough!"

De Waal Gerstner

"Our daughter of 17 has had a difficult educational path due to dyslexia and dyscalculia. She was also hindered by changing schools and education systems numerous times, due to relocating when my husband worked for the UN. This year it became apparent that our daughter’s academic trajectory was failing. The system was not supporting her and her outcomes were narrowing significantly. She has been very distressed and depressed trying to navigate academia with little results. I booked an appointment with Ann to see if she could help us to find a way forward. I was aware that most people who visit career guidance counsellors would talk about Sciences, Maths and the vast academic options and paths to take. I honestly felt that we didn’t have these options and I even felt seeing her was more desperation than believing there would be a positive outcome. How wrong I was. Ann was amazing. She helped narrow down our daughter’s strengths and she even found two options for courses for her. She contacted the College and made the introduction for us. She helped investigate the entry requirements and guided us on how to approach the application. We visited the College and found the perfect registered, accredited course. Our daughter will be leaving school at the end of this year and starting at College in 2020. It will give her the opportunity to flourish in a field that makes her heart sing. Seeing Ann has given our daughter a new road with a bright and bold horizon. I will always be grateful to Ann and her fee could not match the hope and dare I predict, happiness, that will be our new year. Thank you Ann."
Tracy Arbuthnot Bax

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