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Empty nest Management

Empty nest Management

What is known as the ‘empty nest syndrome’ is that stage encountered by both men and women when their children leave home to attend university, college or to find work.  

For years, parents have been absorbed by their childrens’ needs, schooling and commitments and almost overnight the nest empties, with some parents feeling without purpose, restless and lonely.

While some parents relish the thought of freedom and reduced responsibility, many are saddened by the pain of separation:

What do I do now that my children have left home? How do I move from this debilitating sadness?

It’s helpful, at the outset to acknowledge the pain and the feelings of loss.  Developing an awareness of your reactions with an understanding that this is a healthy and necessary rite of passage for your children, will also assist with your gradual acceptance. It’s your own journey, so honour yourself, by allowing the time that you need. 

You could begin to see the time as an opportunity to take on a new lease on life!  Things become possible and permissable! Careers can be revamped or even started; the painter or poet in you – inspired; the decorater, writer and entrepreneur - re-energised.  Often there is more time to dedicate to what have been ‘deliberately dormant desires’!  

Whether the empty nest fills you with a sense of celebration or doom, working with managing this stage of life can be most beneficial.

I have found that containing the sessions, by using all manner of tools and exercises, readings and questionings have proved most useful to assist with those whose children have already left home and for those who are wanting to prepare for the eventuality.

I work with clients individually or in workshops.  See drop down menu for more information about the workshops.

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