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Navigating Retirement


For many, retirement creeps up as a splendid cessation of years of hard work.  No more 9 – 5 or (7-7) and days stretching ahead to be filled in any way one’s heart desires. Travel, fun in the sun, reading by the fire…

For some though, the reality is that even when finances, hobbies, travel plans have been meticulously laid out, things are very different. The lack of routine, and structure, missing old work colleagues and even the abandoned work clothes can bring about a deep longing and sense of loss.


It can be a slow process of acceptance, especially for those who have been in the formal workplace for many years.

In addition, adapting to the changes can be difficult not only for the retiree but for their families too. 

I weave together a coaching and counselling approach when working with retirees, providing a supportive space for my clients to come to terms with their new circumstances.  In this way they are positioned to take hold of the opportunities that are now available to them, while being grateful for the experiences from the years past. 

“Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches”

(From How to make an American Quilt)

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