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The Coaching Process

The Coaching Process

Are you really ready for coaching?

You might have been thinking about coaching for a long while, but the need hasn’t been formulated into an action plan.  The diagram, left,  charts the various phases before embarking on a coaching intervention and this is useful to determine your readiness for committing to this process.

(Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983; Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992)

The Coaching Process

Is the chemistry right? 

When you have connected and after initial introductions, it is usual to have a short 20 – 30 minute chemistry session, where both the coach and coachee can meet, chat about needs and approaches and generally see whether they feel comfortable in working together. 


Once all is discussed and agreed on, a coaching contract is signed by both parties (usually for 6 sessions) and the coaching process beings. This document details the coaching times, duration, frequency, cost and clauses for contingencies. 

The Coaching Process 

The coaching process begins based on the needs and goals set by the coachee. The coach may use a variety of models to envision the desired forward movement, including change models, such as Hudson’s cycle of renewal to the right:   

Here the client is coached through a state of helplessness (in the doldrums) through to a time of considering various possibilities for growth (cocooning) and then into planning how to make these possibilities a reality, setting realistic goals, (getting ready). At the end of the cycle, the coachee emerges into her/his desired new way of being, (Go for It)!  

The Coaching Process

The end of the coaching contract


At the end of the set sessions, the coachee determines whether he / she would like to renew the contract or wishes to move on, empowered by a shift in his / her approach to life. 

Alternately a new contract may be drawn up or a maintenance plan devised where by the coachee checks in from time to time to ensure his / her sustainability of the new learnings. 

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