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Empty Nest Workshops


Morning and evening empty nest workshop are scheduled as required and both parents are welcome to attend.  These workshops are for those who have already had children leave home and for those who are preparing for the eventuality. 

The first session is of two hour's duration and the following session, a week later, takes an hour and a half. 

During the first session, we work with our own interpretations and experiences of empty nesting.  A variety of exercises, discussion tools and change models are used to develop the themes arising.

And spending time on reviewing our experiences (or anticipated experiences) is a key component of developing the resilience required over this particular life stage. 

During the follow up meeting, it is important to consolidate the learnings and members of the group may wish to discuss how the various tips and suggestions have been applied to their own journey.  As always, relaying one's perspective is entirely voluntary and, as with all workshops, confidentiality is strictly safe-guarded. 

Previous delegates have found the workshop to be informative and have taken comfort in knowing that other parents have similar experiences and feelings. In addition, they have benefited from hearing how others have tackled the transition. 

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